Frank Salinas

A little about myself...

Hello my name is Frank Salinas and this  is my acting website. I was born and raised in Los Angeles CA. I love to immerse my self into different characters and personas. I've been acting since 17, and continue to do so with a passion. A lover of character acting, the farther the character is from myself the more fun it is. I'm extremely athletic, good with accents, love drama but comedy is great to tackle as well. I have great respect for this art form and I'm always up to make the film a collaborative effort, never about me. But this site IS about me! So on my site you'll find: Resume, reel work, headshots, and stills of my previous work. I hope you enjoy!


"I wish the stage were as narrow as a tight rope so that no incompetent would dare walk on it." - Sanford Meisner




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